“Jen is an invaluable asset of our team. As a start-up business it’s so easy to get bogged down in the detail, likely at a crucial point when there are bigger tasks looming. Jen has kept us running smoothly enabling us to concentrate on winning contracts and refine our products. We’re thriving as a result.”

— Samantha Whelan, Director at Platform Thirty1

“Jen helped with my bookkeeping at a time when I’d had an unexpected influx of commissions at year end. She picked it up quickly and simply and it really took the pressure off. Would recommend her services highly.”

— Dean Leivers, Leivers Photography

“Jen is absolutely invaluable to running my business. She’s super organised, completely reliable, great with my customers and has helped me grow my business year on year.”

— Amber, Love Wedding Cakes

“Jen is the star on my tree, the cherry on my cake, and the sweetie in the bottom of the bag you thought was empty.”

— Client feedback

“Jen, thank you for nurturing our current customers and providing such a friendly, first class service!”

— Client feedback

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