Reclaim your time- outsource

Time, it’s always ticking by. Do you wish for more hours in the day? I hate to think of small business owners working late into the evening, desperately trying to get their business admin tasks done. Everyone needs a bit of help, someone to ease the load and lend support. Does the school pick upContinue reading “Reclaim your time- outsource”

10 ways a VA can help your business

If you’re on my website and reading this blog, chances are you’re looking for a virtual assistant (or you’re one of my family!). Right now, your emails are piling up, your to-do list is enormous, and you’ve missed a recent deadline; I know it feels overwhelming, and even the thought of finding time to handContinue reading “10 ways a VA can help your business”

7 things to know about me

My background I’ve always worked in admin. I started working part-time in a Call Centre when I was quickly shoe-horned into an admin role; a task that was originally covered by three people, but due to cuts etc was then just covered by me. After creating processes to support 20 field Managers, 100 showrooms nationwide,Continue reading “7 things to know about me”

Working effectively as a Virtual Assistant

Being busy and working effectively are two totally different things in the world of business admin support.A good Virtual Assistant will always be looking to work as efficiently and lean as possible; not just for their clients, but for themselves too! Here’s a few tips from me for effective working – which might save youContinue reading “Working effectively as a Virtual Assistant”