Spring cleaning your business

Wouldn’t we all love Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo to spend a day in our homes? We’d have the cleanest, tidiest, most organised spaces ever. Wouldn’t it be such a relief to just hand over our clutter to those fabulous women, walk away for 2 hours and enjoy a peaceful coffee? Sadly, this is unlikely ever to happen.

When you get the urge to spring clean your house, see if you can also find the energy to tidy up your office, computer and systems. Imagine how satisfying it would be to walk into an organised office each morning; you would be able to focus straight away and be super-productive.

Block out a few chunks of time, and do these 5 jobs to clear your desk and mind.

1-   Get your gloves on and actually clean. This is a sneaky one because you can’t properly clean until you’ve tidied up, so you’ll need to tidy first. Dust your bookshelves, hoover under your desk, wash the blanket that you wrap around every day and drop biscuit crumbs on. I love being as sustainable as I can with my cleaning products which is why I use these refill pouches from Peace With The Wild.

2-   Tidy your desktop, the computer one. Make folders for each area of your work and put all the documents and images into the correct folder. Yes, this will take quite a lot of time initially, but it saves your time in the long run when you’re hunting around trying to find a particular document. Bonus points here if you rename those documents as you are sorting so that you can search for them. We all have those documents with titles that made sense at the time but don’t now. My favourite file organising system is Dropbox, you get a lot of free storage space, and it’s easy to share folders with people.

3-   Dust off your business plan, read through it and edit to reflect you now. I’m betting you wrote your business plan a while ago; the last 2 years have changed many of us, personally and business-wise. You might have achieved the goals you wrote and it’s time to write new ones. You might have a new focus; write this down so that you have a new plan to work towards. Once you’ve written it, ask someone in your team to read through and see what they can add, your goals should be a little bit scary, and I want you to push yourself.

4-   Organise your inbox. Let’s be honest; how many emails are in your inbox right now? Most peoples are around 200, does the inbox zero trend make you feel a bit sick? Storing hundreds of emails harms the environment. The more we store, the more electricity is needed, and the more CO2 is made. I don’t want to guilt-trip you, absolutely keep all of your useful emails without any guilt but try and delete all of the daily conversations.

5-   Streamline your processes. There are bound to be areas within your business that have always been done a certain way but could now be improved. Technology advances at a scary pace, and you might find something designed that will save you time at doing that job. Using Slack rather than email, helps you keep conversations together. If you find people are always asking for your brand fonts and colours, spend 10 minutes creating a branding document that you can share on Canva rather than having to double-check the hex number each time you have to tell it to someone.

Each of the points above does take some time; if you are struggling to be productive in your gaps of time, read my blog on the Pomodoro Tomato Technique.

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