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Time, it’s always ticking by. Do you wish for more hours in the day? I hate to think of small business owners working late into the evening, desperately trying to get their business admin tasks done.

Everyone needs a bit of help, someone to ease the load and lend support. Does the school pick up come round too fast, and you then end up juggling hearing all about the children’s day at school, homework, prepping the tea whilst you’re still trying to wrap up your workday?

How ace would it be to be able to sign-off before the afternoon school run, and not fret that things are unfinished or still awaiting a response..

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can claim back hours every week, time for you to actually watch the children at their swimming lesson, go to the gym or work ON your business (as opposed to IN your business).

Within your business there are always going to be jobs and tasks that only you can do; whether than be baking this week’s wedding cake, recording this month’s training video, or being in the clinic carrying out treatments..

But if you have the hope and desire to create a better work/life balance, and even to grow and develop your business, you’ve got to look at the broader picture and consider what tasks COULD be delegated..

Typically, these are the reactive tasks that clients say are the ones that they procrastinate over and take double the time that they should.

Busy baking a cake?

  • Writing blogs
  • Creating and scheduling regular newsletters
  • Writing process maps and working instructions
  • Responding to emails and delivering great Customer Service
  • Managing the finances and accounts – sending invoices and reconciling the accounts
  • Creating images and content for social media

And these are the tasks that are needed to develop and work ON the business, that gets left by the wayside…

Needed for clinical work?
  • Goal setting
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • Training and development in your craft
  • Reviewing figures and metrics
  • Finance forecasting
  • Networking

Would you love a day to be creative, dream up your five-year goals AND make a plan of how to get there?

To move your business forward, you must invest time in yourself and in your business. This means delegating to your team; I know most small businesses don’t have a team, but I’m here with my many hats to be your team. My main aim is to make your life easier so that you can get done the things you are dreaming of.

Take a read of my 10 ways a VA can help your business to find out just some of the hats I wear!

I understand the leap of faith needed to allow someone else into your business, especially if you’re the sole owner/manager/creator. I get it if you are the sole person in your business, it’s hard to find people who really get where you’re coming from and the problems you’re facing. VA’s speak to over a dozen business owners every month, all of them with similar problems. You will find that a VA has heard about your issue before and can advise with ways to solve it, helping you focus and get back on track.

My business is growing, and I’ve outsourced a few of my own admin tasks to have more time to serve my client’s needs. I know it feels like a leap of faith, but I promise you it’s the most exciting and invigorating leap you’ll take!

Let’s make your business the best it can be.

Published by Jen Sands - Virtual Assistant

Hi! I'm Jen, and I work remotely to provide business admin and finance support to small businesses and individuals. There are many aspects of your business that you can outsource to me, to free up your time to allow you to focus on the core of your business!

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