10 ways a VA can help your business

Jen Sands 10 ways a VA can help in your business

If you’re on my website and reading this blog, chances are you’re looking for a virtual assistant (or you’re one of my family!). Right now, your emails are piling up, your to-do list is enormous, and you’ve missed a recent deadline; I know it feels overwhelming, and even the thought of finding time to hand things over feels impossible. Just remember, this is what I do for all my clients, and most of them start in the same panicked way.

I can make a significant impact very quickly; take a read of these 10 things to see how your business will benefit from my help. It’s not a problem if the task you need doing isn’t on here, still get in touch, and I’ll let you know if I can help.

1-Company administration

Jobs that seem to suck up your hours – company admin tasks that I regularly do are; make travel bookings, write up meeting minutes and send out actions, transcribe voice notes, data entry and research for upcoming projects. Once I’m inside your business, I will find ways to streamline and set up processes to make everything feel manageable again.


Many people find chasing invoices awkward; I can be the bad guy you need to remind clients of a late payment on your behalf, allowing you to always be the nice guy! I create, chase and complete invoices, keeping clear records of who owes you, you then get the fun bit of watching the money roll in.


A task many people put off until the last minute and often forget items to include. All you need to do is send me the information as it happens; I will collate it and send it back to you; my attention to detail might even find you ways to save money.

4-Writing working instructions to create a library of processes

I’ll help you get organised

Delving into your customer service processes together, we can make sure the service you’re offering is exemplary whilst ensuring there are robust processes and workflows in place to give a high-class customer journey.

5-Email management

Feeling in control of your inbox isn’t a pipe dream. When you give me access, I will go through it all; unsubscribing to irrelevant emails, setting up folders to organise historic emails that you’d like to keep and flag the emails that require your attention. Don’t be embarrassed by the number of emails in your inbox; it’s so easy to let them build up. My largest inbox tackled so far was circa 20,000… can you beat that?! 😉

6-Diary Management

Time to get organised and prevent the feeling of overwhelm. Here comes a lifelong mantra; fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

Whether your schedule needs to account for meeting prep, shopping for ingredients, or even factoring in down-time – preparing your diary means everything runs smoothly.

7-Proof reading

Typos happen to us all; it’s hard to see the errors in your own work. Two heads and better than one, I will be the second set of eyes you need to look over a document before it is sent out or published. Together we will reduce your procrastination and build your confidence to publish.


Email marketing is such a strong tool to increase sales and reach your wider audience – a branded and themed email marketing set-up will benefit your business and showcase your craft.
A well-crafted series of newsletters, welcome automations and nurture sequences is a great way to build know, like, and trust with your audience.


From educational to entertaining blogs, gone are your hours of researching and comparing with your competitors, I can take that off your hands and write, create the graphics for eye-catching blogs and upload it to your website. Ready for you to share with your audience on social media.

Your time to get planning

10-Power Hour

Time for you to talk, brainstorm, get productive and make a plan about any development you are looking at. Send me your initial thoughts; I will carry out some research so that during our hour we make a road map to get you to your goal.

I hope this helps and you can see the positive impact a little help can make to you and your business. Fancy a chat? Get in touch, we can talk things through and get you back to enjoying doing what you love.

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Hi! I'm Jen, and I work remotely to provide business admin and finance support to small businesses and individuals. There are many aspects of your business that you can outsource to me, to free up your time to allow you to focus on the core of your business!

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